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As the Asia-Pacific strategic partner of UAB MERCATO MUNDI., Golden Rich International Group Ltd. has the following advantages:
1. Polish oil company (UAB MERCATO MUNDI.) has cooperation projects with the governments of Qatar and Azerbaijan because of its patented oil drilling technology, and the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) as its financial backing, so it can stabilize oil supply and disperse oil sources 。
2. Golden Rich International Group Ltd. has many years of petroleum products trading experiences in the past, and is located in Asia to understand Asian culture, so it is easier to obtain better discounted prices and profit distribution for buyers in the Asia-Pacific region.
3. Golden Rich International Group Ltd. can assist Asia-Pacific buyers to sell refined oil products refined by refineries. Looking around, neighboring Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines are eager to import refined oil products. Especially diesel to solve the urgent need of oil shortage.